At South India CCM we remember the birth of the Christ child every year with a big celebration.  The children in our churches in villages and urban slums practice their songs and dramas. Christmas is the time for Christians to reach out to the maximum!  Ears and hearts are open!! The public space of the village is ready and available! Jesus calls Christians to witness and testify with the drama, preaching, teaching and singing. And we as Christians rejoice in the opportunity to share.

The night of the Christmas Program is a night of excitement, a night of angels and the visible presence of God. Everyone in the village comes out to see and hear the story of our Savior’s birth.

For the children of the village, there are gifts of a Bible, a bookbag or blanket, sweet treats and a large bag of rice, which will help feed their families too.

The Christmas Program is our biggest evangelistic outreach of the year.  It is so important, especially at this time, for each of our churches to have a strong witness.

$250 provides a Christmas Program for an entire village.

Would your church, Sunday School class, VBS, small group, youth group or family prayerfully consider sponsoring a village for Christmas this year?