Children's Homes

In 2010 it became necessary to close the South India Boys' Homes and Girls' Homes because the purpose of these homes was changed through new rules and regulations.  Since 1957 the purpose of these Homes was to provide a Christian alternative life for boys and girls who came from distressed families and were effectively “orphaned”. 

Rather than keeping the homes operating as state-run orphanages without any Christian influence or teaching, it was decided to take the existing facilities in the various fields and make them into Evening Schools.

Evening Schools

The Evening Schools are congregation-based tutoring programs, a major help to poor children because the tutors and children work in small groups. The largest are in the former Boys Homes and Girls Homes, with gardens, playgrounds and kitchens. In the Government schools, class size usually averages around 100 children per classroom. Children whose parents can afford tutoring are fortunate and usually will pass the yearly exams. Poor children, without the extra attention, very often don’t. And if they don’t pass the exams they will have no future other than to be day laborers like their parents. The Evening Schools offer a loving alternative, creating a level playing ground for those who might otherwise be left behind. Jesus loved all children, and the Evening Schools witness to that throughout the school week evenings.