Outreach to Children

Once again we see that when God closes one door, He opens another. And sometimes, it's not just one but two and three doors that open and lead to new ways in which to serve Him.  Our ministry to children included not only a special program for children in all of our churches, but also orphanages, which had cared for and ministered to boys and girls since 1957.  The Childrens' Ministry has always been an important part of the Mission's outreach and witness to the love of children.  As a ministry, there are thousands of church members and elders who have come through the Childrens’ Homes and strengthened the local church from where they came.

A few years ago we had the choice to give up control of our Children's Homes or to close them.   The whole purpose of the Childrens' Homes was to provide a Christian alternative life for children who came from distressed families and were effectively “orphaned”, even if parents were still alive.  Wonderful Christian families in our village churches took these "orphans" in as foster children and gave them a home.  Through prayer and consultation with the Childrens Home staff and Mission leadership, it was decided to take the existing facilities of the Childrens Homes in the various fields and make them into Evening Schools.

Evening Schools are tutoring centers.  These church-based tutoring programs are a major help to all poor children because they work in small groups. In the Government schools, class size usually averages around 100 children per classroom. Children whose parents can afford tutoring are fortunate and usually will pass the yearly exams. Poor children, without the extra attention, very often don’t. And if they don’t pass the exams they will have no future other than to be day laborers like their parents.